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Blockchain technology enables new offerings in industries as diverse as financial services, health care, supply chain, oil and gas, hospitality, retail, music, advertising, media, energy, and many others. It can create new forms of assets and make it possible to trade and monetize existing illiquid assets such as real estate, empty hotel rooms, empty seats in restaurants and unsold perishable media. It makes it possible for musicians, writers, and other artists to embed royalty payments into their MP3s, eBooks, and other creations to pay themselves every time their work is bought or resold. It can be used by publishers to run publications funded not by ads but by micropayments issued by readers' browsers. And these are just a few examples.

Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrency is purchased or traded by speculators hoping that their investment will appreciate dramatically to generate windfall profit. Cryptocurrency speculators, investors and hoarders foster insufficient supply to satisfy demand and severe volatility, which creates crypto millionaires as well as crypto loser’s.

Although numerous cryptocurrency exchanges offer investors the possibility of trading currencies, using cryptocurrency for commerce and payments, which was the original intent of bitcoin’s creator, still remains a challenge.

Over 29 million merchants accept credit and debit cards for payment at the Point of Sale. According to Spendbitcoins.com less than 20,000 businesses accept bitcoin for payment. And even less accept any of the other 1500 cryptocurrencies that have a total market cap of more than $600 billion.

Most businesses that accept bitcoins are large companies that allow their online products to be purchased with bitcoin. Some small businesses aren’t missing out on the action, as many small shops have made the switch as well. But, the challenge still remains to easily use cryptocurrency for purchases, just like using cash or credit card for payment at the point of sale. Until now…

CryptoBarter Exchange was created for any businesses, merchant or entrepreneur to reach a vast audience of new customers that are looking for businesses that accept payment in cryptocurrency. And, unlike a typical barter exchange that charges $10 to $30 per month membership fees and 6% to 15% transaction fees, CryptoBarter has $0 monthly fee and just a low 3% transaction fee that includes the cryptocurrency exchange fee.

With online trade commerce enabled multi-party trading, a massage therapist who earned $800 cryptocurrency by filling empty appointment slots with CryptoBarter exchange members, can get a new sign for his business from the owner of local sign and printing shop, who can trade for office cleaning services. The cleaning service can use the cryptocurrency they earned from cleaning the sign shop each week to get a massage for herself and her husband, keeping them in tip top physical shape for their cleaning business.

Sign up for a CryptoBarter account today and list your product, service or unsold capacity in the Global Trade Marketplace. Get your share of new revenue from new sales that you would never have otherwise, and start earning cryptocurrency from new customers. Once signed up, we’ll send you the details to setup your Bartercoin currency account and cryptocurrency wallet.

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