Two hotels in Latin America

Ideal for travelers who look for a smart and convenient hotel for any type of trip.

With the best coverage along the industrial, business and tourist routes, these hotels provide comfortable, modern and effcient rooms and facilities for a guest who wants to relax, recharge and carry on.

LOCATIONS INCLUDE: Santiago Aeropuerto, San Jose Aeropuerto

After completing a purchase, our travel services associate will contact you for your hotel selection prior to booking. For additional details about the hotels, please visit

BOOKING DETAILS: Purchase the number of room nights desired by adding the amount to your cart and checking out. Then, simply scan the QR code with your AGXPay mobile wallet app to process the AGX payment from your account. As various hotels and seasonal dates have different prices, the amount of your payment will be applied to the actual amount of your reservation upon booking and confirmation. Any balance due will be processed upon confirmation.

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